Friday, November 18, 2011

{wedding} a few wedding photos

We don't have our "official" photos from our photographer yet, but some amazing friends of ours took some great photos as well. I thought I'd give a little peak into our wedding before our official shots are in! I'll have more posts in the near future that will feature the handmade items we were so blessed to have our friends and family help us with.

wedding party

my expression here is so funny. I was about to break down into "ugly cry"- you know, the kind where your face contorts from emotion! haha!

i'm not a fan of my profile, but I still love this photo

a little peak into the reception decor
(p.s.- I'm sure this goes without saying, but all of these photos are the property of this blog only and should not be used for any other purposes unless permission is given. thanks!)

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  1. These are beautiful, Emily. And my bald spot makes a cameo in the first photo.