Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{life} Family Slide Show Night

In my journey of becoming a Landrum, I have found that the family in which I grew up, and the family in which my fiance grew up, have one great thing in common: We have a very strong connection to, and desire to learn about and uphold, our heritage. In my post about a cake recipe I touched a little upon my connection with my family and our closeness. Well, Sunday night I had the honor of getting a glimpse into the past of my future family, the Landrums.

We had my fiance's mother's side of the family over to our house to watch a collection of slides that was recently found. I was able to sit and listen to my future mother-in-law go back and forth with her brothers about what they remembered of their family when they were growing up.

It was a military family. They traveled a lot, and saw/lived in many different places.  My fiance's Grandfather's plane was shot down in Vietnam. They are very proud of where they have come from.

It was an amazing evening filled with lots of great food, laughing, love, and reminiscing. I thought I would share a few shots (or a lot) of our evening together.

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  1. How lovely :) I spent last night starting my family tree on some new software I bought, it's so exciting finding out about where you came from. I think it really does have great bearing on who we are x