Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{life, food} Grocery Shopping and a Couple Great Website s

So this morning I'm putting together my grocery list for shopping later today. I try to be organized when I go to the grocery store, otherwise I end up with a cart full of potato chips, ice cream, and Velveeta shells and cheese. Not good.

Now, I've been using Pinterest lately and, I must add, it is very addicting. There are all sorts of ideas for inspiration in pretty much any category that you can think of. It allows you to set up boards on which you "pin" images that are attached to links. If there is something you are interested in you can pin it to your board to keep track of your ideas, and then just click on the photo and it will link you to the website containing instructions, recipe, DIY ideas, etc. Among others I have a "Crafty" board, a "For the Home" board, and "Recipes I want to try" board.

a portion of my Pinterest

While I was gathering my list for groceries this morning I decided to check my exhaustive collection of recipes I've found on the internet. I have a folder on my desktop full of links to recipes, a tab on my toolbar with links to recipe sites, and of course my Pinterest board. While searching I stumbled upon an amazing website! I wanted to share. is a site that lets you see various recipes in a photo gallery format, then leads you to the site where the recipe is held. They feature food bloggers from all over the world. We are talking hundreds and hundreds of recipes, folks! 

Here are a couple of the recipes I intend to try:

Now, I'm not sure most of these recipes are considered "healthy", but I can make changes in order to help them fit into our dietary restrictions or concerns. 
I hope that you will find this website as helpful as I have. I no longer have "writter's block" when I sit down to write my grocery list. I actually find that I'm needing to cut back on the recipes I want to try in order to stay in my budget!

Happy cooking!

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