Friday, July 22, 2011

{wedding} Color Inspiration Board

I've been trying to narrow down the colors that we will use for our wedding. We will be getting married in the fall, so we wanted to incorporate the fall gold and rust tones. I also chose a very deep blueish-green color for the bridesmaids dresses, so that also needed to be taken into account. I was finding that the orange and blue themes were mostly too bright, and the blue and gold themes were a little too gaudy for my taste. So I put my own inspiration board together using photos that I've collected from various places. I tried to incorporate my favorite shades of each color. I love being able to see an inspiration board that is exactly the look i'm going for. (please don't giggle at my poor attempt at an inspiration board. I don't have photoshop! That is my defence :)

3. Random Google Image Search

I know I used mostly images from the folks over at Green Wedding Shoes, but what can I say? They feature some very beautiful weddings that are very much our taste. I love frequenting their site.

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