Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{wedding} Jewelry ideas

Jewelry for our wedding is something that I wanted to be unique, and handmade. I wanted to choose something that would reflect our style, but also be something that my bridesmaids and I would be able to cherish as something truly special.
It is also something else that I want to keep sort of secret until closer to the wedding, but I wanted to show some of the really amazing things that I've been finding online. A lot of the sites that I visit the most are listed in my "Inspiration" link section on the side of my page, but I have found a few others that I still need to add to the list.

First, a little "set-up"... Here are a couple of the details we have decided on already-

-We will be using crocheted flowers for our bouquets in the ceremony, so I wanted to tie in the hand-made elements in other areas as well, including the jewelry. This wedding over at Green Wedding Shoes is a wonderful example of using crochet flower elements.

-My engagement ring is a raw diamond ring that my fiance found on I am SO happy with his choice! It suits me better than most engagement rings I've seen. I generally don't wear shiny jewelry, so I didn't want my wedding jewelry to be something that I wouldn't normally wear. I wanted it to be a true reflection of my taste and style.

SO... the accessories will need to fit in with the rest of the styles in the wedding. Were to go from there?

Well, I've been stumped on it until I was visiting a friend last week in a nearby town and we decided to visit a bead store that was close by. (side note: If you are ever in Spartanburg, SC, you MUST visit Robin's Bead Nest. I fell in love with this store.  Not only were they very friendly and helpful, but they let me borrow something from the store!) I found a very unique crocheted, beaded necklace that I thought would be great for our wedding, but the yarn used is a variegated one. I'm not sure about how it will look with my dress. The lady offered to let me borrow the necklace to see how it looked with my dress! She also gave me the pattern for the necklace!

Sorry for the poor quality photo. 

After I saw the crocheted necklace, I started wondering what other handmade necklaces we could consider. I continued my search at Then I discovered cloth and embroidered pendants!

These are only a few of the ideas I'm toying with now. There were several different other ideas for handmade fabric jewelry. This is only the beginning!!

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  1. wow - just came across this by chance - love your thinking and the way you are choosing. The web is a crazy thing - where you can , for a moment, be in on the choices people are making and the way they find things. Always tickles me to see. Lots of cheer and good luck. Mary